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Power to the People! ZipEdit allows you to edit content in your website
Imagine being able to edit your website as often as you want from anywhere in the world... whether you're in the office, at home, or in another country! With ZipEdit™ you are in charge of your website's content 24/7/365.

ZipEdit™ is a simple and convenient way to edit the content in your website. You do not need to learn HTML or any web design software. If you have ever used a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, you can be editing your website in minutes.

The unique advantage of ZipEdit™ is that we set it up on your website for you; there is no software to purchase or download.

With ZipEdit™ you can edit the pictures, text and links on your website while protecting the rich framework of navigation menus, programming and design elements - and it saves the changes in real-time. It also creates a backup copy, so if you make a mistake you can "rollback" to any previously saved version of the content.

And, if you are already familiar with web authoring programs, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive or Microsoft Frontpage, you can even cut and paste code in the HTML view in ZipEdit™.

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The ZipEdit Advantage
Edit your site whenever you want
Edit your site as often as you want
No software to download
No need to learn programming or HTML

Keep your website current and up-to-date.  Change content, pictures, links whenever and as often as you want.  Easy as Microsoft Word to use.  No software to download, no coding to learn.  Become your own web designer.
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